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New Lap Timer Progressing

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The Kart-Crazy designed lap timer, which will be known at KC-T,  is progressing well.
The first prototype hard ware, including colour screen, two temp inputs, built in air temp, RPM and lap time inputs is ready for bench testing.
We are aim for the first track test soon.

Another Big Crash For Jack

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In practice for the Llandow round of the NKRA championship Jack’s kart flipped again.
Another kart clipped him which sent his kart into a barrel roll. Jack’s head hit the track hard.

Because he was dazed, did not know where he was etc., and potential neck injuries he was taken to hospital. After several hours he was given the all clear.

Battered and bruised, his main concern was if we could get a new helmet and sort his kart out in time for the next meeting at Forest Edge.

Kart Lap Timer Specifications

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Design work has stared on the Kart-Crazy.co.uk lap timer.

Features included on the basic system will be;

Colour screen – with user selectable on track screen information & layouts.


Lap sensor (magnetic pick up)

Engine temperature input

Air temperature

Wireless connection from the senor’s connection box to the head unit (no wires to the steering wheel).

USB or wireless down load of data to a computer.

Target price for the basic system will be under £300.


The basic system will be fully expandable, so it can be upgraded to include;

More temp sensors.

Wheel speed sensors (front & rear)


G Force

Rear live camera (like a rear view mirror!)

Forward camera.

Slip angle sensor

Tyretemp sensors.

Getting More Compression – on the cheap!

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My understanding is that more compression = more power.

It has always been very common to get heads skimmed when tuning engines. This reduces the volume of the combustion chamber, thus increases compression.

But how to skim the head if you do not have a work shop and want to spend zero £s?

Well my cheapskate answer is to use emery cloth. I have used a large sheet of emery cloth on a good flat surface (my coffee table). Then carefully rubbed the head over the cloth.

Before I started I measured the combustion chamber volume at 15ml and the distance from the head main surface to the rocker cover surface at 73.96mm.

Great Result in Appalling Conditions

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Kart Crazy Racing's Jack Finch racing in the snow at Clay Pigeon

Kart CrazyRacing’s second meeting of the year was the first round of the NKRA Southern Club Championship at Clay Pigeon.

Testing went OK, with Jack a little off the pace, but considering he was using tyre that had done many hours this was all we could expect.

Race day turned much colder than the test day.

The first heat Jack had P3 on the grid, but forgetting how slippy the cold track would be he spun on the first corner. He recovered some places by the end. The other two heats also resulted in poor finishes, mainly due to bad luck getting caught up with other crashes etc.

Jack qualified for the final in 24th out of 30 cadets. The weather had turned even worse and was snowing before the race started.

Karts were spinning of left, right & centre on the sighting laps! But once the flag dropped Jack got his head down and quickly moved up the field. By the end of lap one he had already picked up 8 places.

After a fantastic drive he finished 12th. But there was not time to celebrate – he ran straight back to the race truck to warm up – he was frozen.

Top 15 In First Meeting

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Just two weeks after Jack’s crash he was back out at Forest Edge for the first round of the championship.

With over 35 Honda Cadets racing and so close to his crash the team’s aim was to just enjoy the weekend, any result would be a bonus.

The team was delighted to see Jack finish 14 in the final – his best result at Forest Edge and amazing considering just two weeks before he was in hospital with a suspected broken back.

Cadets kart racers are very tough kids.


Bad Start To the Season For Kart Crazy Racing

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At the first test of the season at ForestEdge Jack (Kart CrazyRacing Honda Cadet) was involved in a horrific crash. His kart flipped over pinning him between the kart and the track.

The marshals quickly removed the kart to let the medics get to him. He was then taken to hospital with suspected back injuries. Thankful after a night in hospital and lost of test he was given the all clear and went home very battered and bruised.


New Banner For The Race Truck

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Watch out for this picture looking at you on the roads and the Kart paddocks this summer.

If you see it come and say hello.

Android APP Writer Wanted

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I’m looking for someone with experience of writing APPs for Android tablets to work on a new lap timer.

If you are interested please e-mail me at contact@Kart-Crazy.co.uk


How NOT To Repair a AMB 160 Transponder

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How NOT to change a battery in a AMB transponder

How NOT to change a battery in a AMB transponder

Most transponders that arrive here, either for me to repair for a customer or defective ones I buy to repair, arrive having never been opened up before. But now and then one arrives that has been “serviced” by someone else.

Generally these are not done very well, but this must be the worst!

It had the wrong batteries in it and was “sealed” with some sort of putty, I think it was some sealant normally used by plumbers!

So not only were the batteries the wrong capacity the sealant was letting water into the electronics!!!!

After repair and some TLC this transponder is now better than new. So if you have a defective transponder and want it repaired professionally send it to us.


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