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Reducing Losses – Modifying the Fan

Filed under: GX160 Tuning — Kart-Crazy.co.uk @ 2:07 pm 20, July, 2012

Cutting half the blades off the fan seems to be a common modification. It reduceses the load on the engine used to blow air around, so should increase the power a little.

I carried out this modification on one engine.

At Clay, on a hot day,  I did 10 laps, one engine had a standard fan the other had half the blades removed. I then checked the engine temp. at the head/spark plug. The engine with a standard fan was 135 deg C the other was 150 deg C.

Both seem hot to me, knowing most (water cooled) engines are best at 60 to 70 degs. However the increase in temp was less than 10% and there must be a good decrease in drag on the crank. So I’ll do this mod to the other engine as well.


  • Isn’t removing the fan blades illegal in terms of MSA racing?

    Comment by Ben Weaver — 8, August, 2012 @ 3:23 pm

  • Yes it is illegal for engines used in MSA racing – but these engines are used in a “fun kart” that will not be raced – so I can do what I want :)

    Comment by Kart-Crazy.co.uk — 8, August, 2012 @ 5:17 pm

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