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Getting More Compression – on the cheap!

Filed under: GX160 Tuning — Kart-Crazy.co.uk @ 9:27 am 19, March, 2013

My understanding is that more compression = more power.

It has always been very common to get heads skimmed when tuning engines. This reduces the volume of the combustion chamber, thus increases compression.

But how to skim the head if you do not have a work shop and want to spend zero £s?

Well my cheapskate answer is to use emery cloth. I have used a large sheet of emery cloth on a good flat surface (my coffee table). Then carefully rubbed the head over the cloth.

Before I started I measured the combustion chamber volume at 15ml and the distance from the head main surface to the rocker cover surface at 73.96mm.


  • Did you finish this, how much cc did you manage to reduce.
    did you ever lighten the fly wheel.
    always wanting to learn more about these engines.
    How much of piston skirt have you removed. did this make the piston unbalanced.

    Comment by playnotwork — 18, September, 2013 @ 7:50 pm

  • Unfortunately the kart and engines have been stolen – so the project has ended.
    “Skimming” the head reduced its volume bay about 1cc.
    I did not modify the piston. It was something I was going to try.
    I was warned against lightening the flywheel because the engine “likes” a heavy flywheel (I do not know or understand why) but most importantly I was concerned about a lightened flywheel breaking up a few centimetres from my head!

    Comment by Kart-Crazy.co.uk — 1, October, 2013 @ 7:54 am

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