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Altering GX160 Ignition Timing

Filed under: GX160 Tuning — Kart-Crazy.co.uk @ 7:24 am 17, August, 2012

I understand advancing the ignition timing gives good improvement. The engine is designed to run in generators at about 3,500 RPM, thus if we want to run it at 3,500 to 6,000 RPM it makes sense to advance the ignition. In cars etc this is done automatically.

honad GX160 Ignition Coil

Honda GX160 Ignition Coil. Standard coil on the left, modified one on the right.


The timing on the GX160 is not capable of changing with RPM. The most common way to change the ignition appears to be the “off set keys” which rotates the flywheel 4 or 8 degrees. However I am trying to tune for £0 – so I needed to find a different way.

The circumference of the flywheel is  545mm. Thus 1 degree of timing is about 1.5mm.

The coil is held on with 6mm bolts, so I drilled these out to 10mm and then “ovaled” the hole another few mm until there was only a few mm left. This allowed me to move the coil about 5mm, which is 3 degrees.

The engine runs OK on the bench like this – but as yet has not been tested on the track.

Drilling the coil was not easy – after doing this job I think it would be easier to just buy the offset key!



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