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Kart Crazy Cadet Finishes 3rd at Forest Edge Kart Club

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Jack Finch, Kart Crazy driver and KC-t (www.KC-t.biZ) development driver finished 3rd in the Honda Cadet final in the opening round of the Forest Edge championship.

Using the KC-t was vital for fine tuning the kart in difficult weather conditions.


KC-t Kart Data Logger

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Keep upto date with the progress of the KC-t Kart Data Logger on the KC-t blog at; http://www.kc-t.biz/blog/

KC-t Web Site Launched

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We have started work on a web site for the KC-t Kart Lap Timer & Data Logger.

It is far from finished, but you are welcome to take a look. It has some details about the KC-t. I will also add a blog to that site soon to detail the progress of the lap timer.

The web site is at; http://www.kc-t.biz/

KC-T Kart Lap Timer – RPM Working & Data Logging

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The latest update of the RPM sensor circuit now means we have a good quality RPM read out on the screen.

V1.1 software is now under bench test. This is now data logging the RPM & Temp information to the head units SD card.

Minor changes are currently being made to the screen layout and data logging of lap times will be added for V1.2 of the software. We hope to be track testing V1.2.

KC-T Kart Lap Timer

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V1 firmware and hardware is currently being bench tested.

The lap timer and three temp sensors are all working fine and are ready for track testing.

The RPM hardware & firmware is currently being tweaked to ensure 100% accuracy before the first track test.

New Lap Timer Progressing

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The Kart-Crazy designed lap timer, which will be known at KC-T,  is progressing well.
The first prototype hard ware, including colour screen, two temp inputs, built in air temp, RPM and lap time inputs is ready for bench testing.
We are aim for the first track test soon.

Kart Lap Timer Specifications

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Design work has stared on the Kart-Crazy.co.uk lap timer.

Features included on the basic system will be;

Colour screen – with user selectable on track screen information & layouts.


Lap sensor (magnetic pick up)

Engine temperature input

Air temperature

Wireless connection from the senor’s connection box to the head unit (no wires to the steering wheel).

USB or wireless down load of data to a computer.

Target price for the basic system will be under £300.


The basic system will be fully expandable, so it can be upgraded to include;

More temp sensors.

Wheel speed sensors (front & rear)


G Force

Rear live camera (like a rear view mirror!)

Forward camera.

Slip angle sensor

Tyretemp sensors.