Kart Lap Timers, & AMB Transponders

KC-t Kart Data Logger

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Keep upto date with the progress of the KC-t Kart Data Logger on the KC-t blog at; http://www.kc-t.biz/blog/

KC-T Kart Lap Timer

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V1 firmware and hardware is currently being bench tested.

The lap timer and three temp sensors are all working fine and are ready for track testing.

The RPM hardware & firmware is currently being tweaked to ensure 100% accuracy before the first track test.

Kart Lap Timer Specifications

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Design work has stared on the Kart-Crazy.co.uk lap timer.

Features included on the basic system will be;

Colour screen – with user selectable on track screen information & layouts.


Lap sensor (magnetic pick up)

Engine temperature input

Air temperature

Wireless connection from the senor’s connection box to the head unit (no wires to the steering wheel).

USB or wireless down load of data to a computer.

Target price for the basic system will be under £300.


The basic system will be fully expandable, so it can be upgraded to include;

More temp sensors.

Wheel speed sensors (front & rear)


G Force

Rear live camera (like a rear view mirror!)

Forward camera.

Slip angle sensor

Tyretemp sensors.

Android APP Writer Wanted

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I’m looking for someone with experience of writing APPs for Android tablets to work on a new lap timer.

If you are interested please e-mail me at contact@Kart-Crazy.co.uk


Kart Crazy Lap Timer

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We have started designing of a completely new lap timer/data logger, specifically for karts.

It will have;

  • 10cm  FULL COLOUR screen
  • Up to  three temp inputs
  • Speed
  • Rechargeable battery
  • G force Sensor
  • WiFi   & Bluetooth wireless links for live monitoring and data down loads.

It is currently in the very early stages of development. I hope to have the first basic prototypes ready for testing in the summer of 2013.

I will be looking for a few people to help test the lap timers and manuals etc. If you are interested in being involved in testing the prototypes please contact me contact@kart-crazy.co.uk

GX160 T2 Engine For Sale

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Stage 2 (Kart Crazy Clubman) – De-governed. G4 valve springs. Modified air filter. Quick release throttle clip. Pulse pump connector. RPM sensor take off. Size 70 main jet fitted. 30 to 45 mins running in on a race track. De-baffled Exhaust Dyno tested. Minimum 6.9bhp.  Fully MSA legal.

Cost £395 on e-bay – or e-mail us at Contact@Kart-Crazy.co.uk and the price is £375

Price is for the engine ONLY, it does not include the clutch, engine cover or pulse pump. These can be added at additional cost; Good condition used clutch £30. New engine cover £15. Good condition, used, pulse pump £15

AMB 160 Transponder Chargers

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We have now designed & tested a charger for the new style AMB 160 transponders (the new type yellow AMB Transponder).

Our chargers for the AMB Transponders are electronically the same as the AMB ones.

Our Transponder charges offer a cost effective alternative to the AMB ones, if your transponder charger breaks.

Magnetic Lap Sensors for MyChron 3 & 4 Availble

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MyChron Magnetic Lap Sensor

MyChron Magnetic Lap Sensor

We have finished testing the Kart-Crazy.co.uk lap sensors that work with MyChron 3 & 4 kart lap timers.
They are available from our shop now.


MyChron Lap Sensors

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We are developing a lap sensor to work with the MyChron 3 & 4.

We will be carrying out the final stages of testing at Clay Pigeon & Forest Edge over the next few weeks.

Once we are 100% happy we will be offering them for sale at around £29.95.

Alfano Lap (magnetic) Sensor Repairs

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As well as our own design of sensor to work with Alfaon lap timers we now also offer repairs of the lap (magnetic) sensor for ALL types of Alfano. The cost is just £24.95.

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