Kart Lap Timers, & AMB Transponders

Kart Stolen

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Unfortunately some scum has help themselves to my project Pro-Kart.

So the engine tuning project has now ended.

Stage 2 Honda GX160 Kart Engines On Track

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I finally got the kart out at Clay Pigeon with both “stage 2″ engines fitted.

One still does not tick over well. I guess I need to give the carb a really good clean and spray though with carb cleaner.

The engines felt strong on the track and were pulling well. The speedo indicated a top speed just under 60mph.

However there was a VEY strong wind, so strong you could not walk in a straight line! So I was unable to improve my lap times. The best I did was 42 secs.

However I’m sure I can get under 40 with these engines on a day without a gale & damp track – but I wonder how long I will have to wait

Stage 2 Engine – Out Again

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On 29 Sept I took the other stage 2 engine for a run, alongside the Honda T2 engine I’m running in.

This engine ran well and picked up fine from low revs, so I guess the first engine I tried has a minor ignition fault or some dirt in the carb.

Hopefully I’ll get out at Clay Pigeon within the next two weeks with both tuned engines and see what lap times I can get.

Lap Times Reduced :)

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On 26 July I took the kart out at Clay Pigeon race way to see if the first modifications had added power.

The mods are;

  • Carbs modified
  • 2x GX200 head gaskets fitted (increase compression)
  • Half the fan blades removed (one engine).
  • Performance exhausts fitted.

The best lap was 40.8 – 1 second faster than standard engines.

The engines felt best at the top end and I think more improvement may have come from a large rear sprocket. It is possible drilling the carb out at this stage was too soon. It could reduce air flow speed too much at low RPM.

I am pleased with the engines & the mods so far – both ran well, I did about 100 laps.

Engines Run In

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Great day at Clay running in two standard engines.

Best lap was 41.8secs.

Next step is to get all engines on teh dyno to sort out which to work on.

Getting My Hands Dirty

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I was hoping to get out on the track today to run in a couple of engines I have built (within MSA spec) – but there were too many little things to do on the kart. All the little stuff, like throttle linkages, cables etc always seem to take longer than I expect.

But the kart is now ready – I’ve converted it into a centre tank – so it’s easier to swop engines between this kart and my son’s cadet kart.

I also noticed a load of play in the wheels and stub axels. So I fitted new bearings. This has helped, but there is still more play in the stub axels than I would like. I guess the bearing housing has gone oval. I have some spare axels for my son’s kart, so I’ll see if any of those will fit – when I get time!

New Spoiler For My Evo

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Kart on EvoI’m not sure the new spoiler on my Evo is anything Mitsubishi would approve. But putting the kart on the roof rack means I can do a good speed on the motorway, compared to towing my rather heavy box trailer.

Plus towing the trailer drops the Evos MPG to about 20.

The Project Starts

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I picked up a Po-Kart. I found it on e-bay and paid £770 for it.Pro Kart

It is old and a bit tatty, I guess like its new owner.

But the best thing is it can with a load of trusty Honda GX160 engines.

It had two fitted, another two in running condition and two for “spares.” Add this to the four I have already got, accumulated for my son’s cadet kart and I now have TEN GX160 engines.

I will be selling some.